Founded in 2016 in Southern California, Surf Daddy Brewing Company is dedicated to producing high-quality brews that combines the California lifestyle with surf culture. 


Like surfing, brewing is part art and part science. Craft beer offers more flavor, more body and more depth, and you know that someone has put a lot of time and attention personally into the product. We have honed our craft and are proud to bring you our brews.

Surf Daddy Brewing Scott Topper

Scott Topper

The Original Surf Daddy

Surf Daddy Brewing Mike Ragosta

Mike Ragosta

Surf Daddy Brewer

Surf Daddy Brewing Phoebe Maxson


Surf Daddy Brewer

Surf Daddy Brewing Nicole Jones


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Surf Daddy Brewing Jackson King


Surf Daddy Brewer

Surf Daddy Brewing Joey Martin

Joey Martin

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